Financial security is often a major objective in each of our lives. You try to do what's right for those you care about, but the wrong financial decision can often undermine the best of intentions. Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs or those of your family or your business, Jim Eby can help you identify your needs and provide complementary solutions.

Jim Eby's Mission

As a Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative, in all situations Jim Eby  will make those recommendations which he would make for himself or his family if faced with a similar situation.

By matching your needs with innovative solutions utilizing world-class insurance services and internationally recognized investment products, Jim Eby will do his best to help you protect and provide for those people you care about most. Jim will work hard to build a relationship with you based on trust and integrity, always striving to provide you with the same level of ethical service that he would expect for himself.

Are you and your family protected for the long-term?

Thanks to advances in medical science, most of us will live well into our golden years.  Consequently, it's important to think in terms of the quality of that longer lifetime.  And, when it comes to the quality of our lives, maintaining control over our own circumstances will become more and more meaningful with every passing year.

We could eventually need caregiving services on a long-term basis.  And the cost of receiving these services can jeopardize not only our lifestyle but also our family's lifestyle and the financial security we've spent our lifetime establishing.

To learn more about long-term care insurance see: or call Jim Eby today.

 Build Your Foundation For Life

Build Your FoundationSee how Northwestern Mutual permanent life insurance offers protection along with cash value that is guaranteed to grow over time.

Build Your Foundation

Going Green

Go PaperlessNMIS Online clients can support efforts to go green by enrolling in electronic delivery (e-delivery) of brokerage account statements and trade confirmations.

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Chances are Your Protection is Coming Up Short

If you don’t realize what it means to be totally disabled before you buy your individual disability income policy, you may be in for a surprise afterwards. To check out Northwestern Mutual’s exclusive new Medical Occupation Definition for physicians and dentists and how it views total and partial disability, click on Disability Insurance Check-up.

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As the Long Term Care Specialist at Northwestern Mutual - Denver, Jim Eby recommends his clients review the indepth informaton on Long Term Care insurance available on Northwestern Mutual's webpage (

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